1. What is the benefit of aiding and positioning for mammography?

a. The better the position and more breast tissue in the “field of View” the likelihood of a better image

2. Isn’t my current positioning technique good enough?

a. It may be, but the MammoGRIP  patented process has been approved by the FDA as the first of its kind foam product to aid technologists in their goal for an optimal position and image

3. Who really benefits?

a. Everyone! Patients, for a better positioning; technologist, for a better grip; and radiology offices for a better overall office experience

4. How many patients has MammoGRIP® been used on?

a. Over 3000 patients have had a positive experience with MammoGRIP®…ask us for some patient testimonials..

5. How much does it cost and is it covered by insurance? 

a. The cost to apply MammoGRIP® is relatively inexpensive compared to the overall costs of a mammography.  It is not yet covered by insurance although we plan to pursue this.  We are also in the process of validating whether the use of MammoGRIP™ leads to the results of our initial studies of acquiring more breast tissue and better image quality through a well-controlled clinical study


6. Should it be used for both screening and diagnostic mammography?

A. Yes


7. Can it be used with all breast types – such as dense breast tissue, breast implants, reconstructed breasts, women who are lactating?

A. Yes

MammoGRIP® — Created by technologists for technologists:

For every patient with every image.