How Do I use MammoGRIP®?

It’s as Simple As:


  • Apply one small pump of MammoGRIP

  • LIFT up IMF and bring patient into machine

  • STICK hips out, away from machine ( which brings chest closer to unit). Always have opposite breast pulled in as well, draping the cleavage

  • GRIP the breast tissue from on top of the breast, always including cleavage

How to use MammoGrip Illustration

How to use MammoGrip Breast Illustration

What The Techs Say

The majority of women undergoing a mammography with MammoGRIP® applied
experienced the following:

  • An Increase in the amount of breast tissue examined

  • An improved compression of the breast tissue

  • No report of increased discomfort

  • No Increase in time for the procedure when MammoGRIP applied

  • An overall positive experience with the product

  • Patients often ask “Is this a new machine?” “Because the exam seemed much quicker & hurt less than last time.

  • Extremely likely to use MammoGRIP if available in their clinic

  • Are extremely likely to recommend MammoGRIP as an adjunct to mammography because of the ability for more tissue to be examined and thus better imaging

What Radiologists Want

Observational Experiences With Use of MammoGRIP:

  • Better images for the doctors on the initial mammogram

  • Happy and comfortable patients – due to less manipulation of the breat needed

  • A quicker, more informative exam during mammogram

  • Happier Techs

  • Reduced costs and hassles with reimbursement (fewer callbacks and retests)

  • Inexpensive price per-patient (less than a latte at your favorite coffee house)

MammoGRIP® — Created by technologists for technologists:

For every patient with every image.