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MammoGRIP® -- Created by technologists for technologists: For every patient with every image.

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“We are in the position of trust and the patient has no control over the outcome. We must use our skills and the technology available to do the very best mammogram we can on each and every patient. Your patient depends on you.”

What is MammoGRIP®?

MammoGRIP® is the first and only FDA-approved topical solution specifically designed to aid in positioning of the breast during mammography. MammoGRIP allows posterior, superior and medial breast tissue to be pulled into the mammographic machine with less retraction upon compression.

MammoGRIP is a non-medicated, skin adhesive foam complemented with an antibacterial agent that gets applied to the technologist’s hands prior to positioning the breast for a mammogram. As MammoGRIP dries, hands become slightly tacky enabling the technologist to GRIP more breast tissue into the FOV (field of view) from on top of the breast, locking it into place with less manipulation and retraction of the breast upon compression.

  • MammoGRIP® has been proven safe and effective in all breast imaging procedures including Digital, 3D, Spectral Mammography and Tomosynthesis.

  • MammoGRIP is FDA-approved and recommended for all screening and diagnostic mammographies.

  • MammoGRIP does not require any modification to existing equipment.

  • MammoGRIP is formulated as a fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and preservative-free non-rinse foam.

  • MammoGRIP should be used by ALL technologists for every patient and every image taken. Consistency in breast positioning is very important for recalls and when comparing breast parenchyma to prior years.

MammoGRIP® Background

MammoGRIP® was created to improve the efficiency, comfort and diagnostic results in breast imaging procedures. It has been used on over 3,000 women receiving their annual mammograms.

MammoGRIP is FDA-approved & recommended for all screening and diagnostic breast imaging procedures.

MammoGRIP® — Created by technologists for technologists:

For every patient with every image.